Things to Consider When Looking For the Right Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Center

22 Jun

 No one is ever prepared to get a court order for drug abuse and mental health assessment.  You should make sure the center you are choosing for the evaluation is the right one.  Below are some of the factors to help you find the right drug and alcohol evaluation facility.

You need to consider the professional credentials and the experience of the evaluator.  A good and reliable drug and alcohol evaluation center will hire an experienced and qualified evaluator thus you need to choose a center from or class according to the experience and qualification of the evaluator.  Before choosing any center you need to look at the credentials of the evaluator, if the information cannot be given then you need to look for another evaluation center. The evaluator should also tell you the number assessments he or she has performed.

 It is advisable that you know whether the evaluator, in this case, is in private practice or that he or she is working for a treatment program.  While an evaluator in a treatment program will work in an inpatient setting.  If the evaluator the center is giving you is in private practice then he or she is not going to have the ability to refer you to their treatment center while the evaluator in a  treatment program is going to have the financial incentive to refer you to their treatment center.  You need to go with what is going to be good for you.  You might end up being under-diagnosed or undertreated if you choose a private evaluation who has never been in a treatment program before. Read more about anger at

You need to consider if the evaluation center is going to give you a report that is going to apply to your case.  You should avoid an evaluation center that is only going to fill in the checklist as the court is going to view yo8ur assessment as unprofessional and something that has been done in a hurry. The report you are written for by the evaluation center should not show that your assessment was just done to get over with.  You need to make sure the evaluation facility is going  to conduct the assessment in a professional way.

You should also ask if someone is going to be able to see the report written before it is presented to the court. This is one of the healthcare records that should be private and be protected by law.  The evaluator is prohibited from releasing your healthcare records before it is taken to court.  Above are some of the factors to consider before choosing any drug and alcohol evaluation center. You may click here to contact us.

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